Services Offered

Offering Virtual Therapy Sessions

Individual Talk Therapy

During one-on-one sessions in a safe environment, you will work on various issues with a non-judgmental, and clinically trained therapist. Where you will have permission to focus solely on yourself. Sessions are about 45- 60 minutes. 

EMDR Therapy

Often when something traumatic happens, it seems to get locked in the brain with the original picture, sounds, thoughts, feelings, and so on. Since the experience is locked there, it continues to be triggered whenever a reminder comes up. It can be the basis for a lot of discomfort and sometimes a lot of negative emotions, such as fear and helplessness, that we can’t seem to control. The eye movements we use in EMDR seem to unlock the system and allow your brain to process the experience. The important thing to remember is that it is your own brain that will be doing the healing and that you are the one in control.

Sessions are about 45- 60 minutes. 


Need a little help to cultivate healthy relationships? Offering 45-60-minute family sessions. *Additional time upon request. Fees apply.*

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